Vitality Arts


Dear Friends,

When we were young, we loved acting, dancing, singing in choir, playing in band and painting the world around us — assuming we were lucky enough to have those opportunities in our schools or neighborhoods. Then, while we were busy with homes and jobs, we gave our children these experiences. And they loved them too.

Now it’s our turn to rediscover the joy of participation in the arts and help others rediscover it as well.

This website encourages learners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to consider the demonstrated benefits to health and wellbeing that come from learning, making and sharing the arts. We hope the resources on this site will inspire funders to learn more about this emerging field, help aging services providers develop successful arts programs for their clients, and encourage arts organizations to offer participatory arts programs for older adults in their communities.

By unleashing the power of the arts to create joy, find purpose and build friendships, we can reframe the narrative of aging in America. Please join us.

Best regards,


Ellen A. Michelson
Founder and President
Aroha Philanthropies

Inaugural Cohort

Chosen from a highly competitive field of more than 200 applicants, these 15 organizations form the first cohort of grantees to partner with Aroha Philanthropies to support the development and expansion of artful aging programs.

We believe that the Seeding Vitality Arts initiative will demonstrate the potential impact of such programs for older adults, arts organizations, senior service providers, senior residential communities, and diverse groups everywhere.

Meet our U.S. grantees…

“We contain all the ages we have ever been.”

 Anne Lamott